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Xdvik-jp Cleanup Project

This project aims to clean up the existing xdvik-jp patch.


Short term goal
Long term goal


Now, a provisional patch for xdvik-22.8x is available. All enhanced features provided by the existing patch are removed, and it only provides the feature to handle dvi files generated by Japanese TeX.

We use a CVS repository served by SourceForge.jp. You can retrieve the whole code of Japanized xdvik from the anonymous CVS server.

% cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.jp:/cvsroot/xdvi login
CVS password:
# No password is set.  Just hit Enter/Return key.
% cvs -z3 -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.jp:/cvsroot/xdvi co xdvik

The upstream source is imported into the vendor branch called xdvik. If you want to see differences between localized version and upstream version, type the following command.

% cvs diff -r xdvik

To tell the truth, modern xdvik-jp patches are generated from the result of the above command with a filter written in perl.

Source code access with ViewCVS is also available. For more detail, please check the project page.

Mailing List

We have the mailing list to discuss about xdvik-jp patch.

There is the archive of the old mailing list.


(These pages are written in Japanese.)


If you want to join development of xdvik-jp patch, please send us your account name of SourceForge.jp.


In order to contact us, please send a mail to xdvi-users@lists.sourceforge.jp. This address points to the mailing list, which accepts messages posted by nonsubscribers.

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